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Resources for Researchers and Scholars

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This section of the website has been newly added in August 2014. It is designed for researchers and scholars and contains material written by members of the Society and others which may be of interest to the wider Gilbert and Sullivan community.

tennyson princess 1884 American Edition

Tennyson’s The Princess is an epic poem written between 1847 and 1850 which evokes dramatic views across lush river valleys, dramatic river gorges and cataracts old in geological time, and gorgeous country houses. Its large canvas and long sinuous storylines makes it a wonderful way to enter the world of 19th century poetry. This presentation of Tennyson’s The Princess is designed for those who are familiar with Princess Ida and who would like to explore the world of the Tennyson poem on which it was based. Entering into the world of Tennyson’s The Princess creates a new dimension in the understanding of Princess Ida.

Download Alex Scutt's illustrated presentation of Tennyson's The Princess with preface, annotations and glorious illustrations from the American edition of 1884.

Tennyson's Princess (124pp) (7.5MB)

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